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  • Q. What is so special about Premium Herb International’s TCM/herbs?

    We produce some of the most potent TCM/herbs in term of active ingredients (major bio-constituents) known today, with consistent quality via scientific approach.
  • Q. Why should I be concerned if the TCM/herb I purchased were being grown scientifically?

  • Growing TCM/herbs via the scientific approach ensures that all TCM/herbs produced contains high (controlled) level of active ingredients, with consistent quality from batch to batch. Maximizing the efficacy of your product.

    Q. What are the active ingredients referred to?

    Active ingredients are identified based on the number of scientific journals available on the particular compound (medical potentials), uniqueness of the compound (if it is found only in that particular TCM/herb), and monetary value of the compound in pure form.
  • Q. How is active ingredients (major bio-constituents) measured?

    Tested in Singapore through independent laboratories via High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). All samples sent are in original raw condition.
  • Q. Have you compared your TCM/herb with existing products in the market?
          For example Cordyceps.

    We have purchased products off the shelf from major brands in Singapore, USA and China. These products are then sent for testing together with Premium Herb International’s raw samples by Singapore independent laboratories.
  • Q. How much more active ingredients are there in Premium Herb International’s TCM/herbs?
          For example Cordyceps.

    Our raw (unprocessed) Cordyceps contains up to 25 times more than Top Grade Wild Raw Cordyceps, and 4 to 12 times more than any Cordyceps products tested. At least 7 products were tested, including major brands.
  • Q. Do you add active ingredients artificially/manually into the TCM/herbs produced?

    No. All TCM/herbs are harvested as it is.
  • Q. Are pesticides, preservatives or chemicals used during the growth/harvest process?

    We do not use pesticides, preservatives; only water is used during the growth process.
  • Q. Are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) used?

  • Q. Do you modify your TCM/herbs produced in any ways upon harvesting?

    No. All TCM/herbs are harvested as it is.
  • Q. Are the TCM/herbs produced Certified Organic?

    Tremella and selected grades of Cordyceps are Certified Organic.
  • Q. Are the TCM/herbs produced safe for consumption?

    All herbs produced are tested and certified in Singapore on a batch-by-batch basis by independent SAC-SINGLAS* laboratories, accredited for the testing of Chinese Proprietary Medicine (CPM)

    Both Toxic Heavy Metals and Microbial Limits are tested.

    *Singapore Accreditation Council- Singapore Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (SAC-SINGLAS)

  • Q. Can your company's TCM/herbs be used for encapsulation (capsule products)?

  • Q. Can you supply capsulated/tablet products (final packaged products)?

    Yes, please contact us at sales@premiumherb.com
  • Q. Can you supply final (capsule/tablet/powder) packaged products made in Singapore?

    Yes. All final packaged products are made in Singapore through certified GMP production facility.