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Company Profile
  • Premium Herb International (Singapore) is a modernized Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)/Herbal production company.
  • The company produces TCM/herbs that contains high active ingredients (biomarkers), biomarkers that have been proven scientifically to hold potential health benefits.
  • Each year, we produce and distribute up to 20,000Kg of dried premium TCM/Herbal raw materials for the health and supplement industry in the region.
  • The company’s main operations deal with the production, grading and distribution of various premium herbs such as Ginsengs, Cordyceps (Certified Organic for selected grades), Ganoderma Lucidum (LingZhi), and Tremella.
  • Today, we are producing some of the most potent Cordyceps in the region in terms of percentage of active ingredients.
  • Our TCM/herbal raw materials are being widely distributed in Asia, in countries such as China, Japan, Korea and Singapore.
  • Premium Herb International’s main production facility is located in North-Eastern China. All of our productions are carried out in controlled environment indoor facility to meet international standards and requirements.